Not only can you get to read these stories a whole month before everyone else, see behind the scenes/in progress snap shots, but you can also support a group of independent writers, artists, and voice over enthusiasts passionate about finding and creating a collection of fiction that inspires, moves, and changes people.

Early Stories Sent To Your Inbox

For zero dollars a month you can get the monthly story emailed to you a week before it is released free to read on here. You also have the option to be notified about paid writing and art submission calls and other general news regarding the creators involved.

BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS is a prose/comics/audio anthology magazine featuring stories by real life humans about what it is like to be a real life human. It releases periodic print collections as well as online fiction. 

The first print volume is published through ACDP Comics and available to order at their store. Click here to order the first print book.