Day 0 Third row, aisle seat, Jack Saunders opened the Inflight magazine. Distraction from the boredom of delay. He read a feature on the best ten cafes in Vienna. Another about the emerging club scene in Budapest. Cities he had … Read More

Jumpcut Memory

He stood there in the library with his portable EMP blaster, and he erased everything electronic. He’d been transcribing the books for a long time – years in fact. The important ones. Project 451 he called it. He had hard … Read More

The Flick of the Wyvern’s Tale

All the perimeter Berndnaut Clouds had tethered themselves to the recharge post beside the entrance, their mist obscuring the anchor points. The Collector tapped the Driver’s shoulder.   “Something’s not right. Drive slowly.”   The Driver nodded, playing his role … Read More