The Murdering of Crows

Part 1  from Built From Human Parts: Purpose & Consequence

An Unexpected Box

from Built From Human Parts: Rituals & Devices 

I woke in absolute darkness. I felt hot and sticky and unsure of just where I was, but it was the darkness that worried me the most. I don’t sleep in dark rooms. It’s not a fear of the dark, at least it’s not just a fear of the dark. I can’t navigate in the […]

Mister Nickname

from Built From Human Parts: Purpose & Consequence

The chaos of London on a Saturday was compounded by the Whitehall march.  Martin White understood the sentiment of anti-austerity. The coalition government of Liberal Democrats and Conservatives had only been elected the year before and had already begun to implement unpopular changes to the country.  The introduction of a fixed term in power meant […]


from Built From Human Parts: Purpose & Consequence

Why do so many monsters go by three names? John Wayne Gacy. Gary Leon Ridgway. Mark David Chapman. John Wilkes Booth. Lee Harvey Oswald. Samuel Richard King. I studied him through the one foot by one foot plexiglass window set into the steel door that separated the free from the captive. Out here, I could […]

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