mission statement

BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS strives to be a storytelling anthology that explores the modern world – both its nightmares and its heroes – by way of examining what advancements in technology and culture have allowed us to uncover about ourselves and the world we live in while also wondering about the mysteries that have somehow managed to remain unsolved despite our advancements.

    What mysteries of the past have we finally solved?
    What new mysteries have we stumbled upon?
    What unnerving truths about ourselves are we still trying to accept?
    What horrors of this world have managed to stay hidden from us?

Through both comics and prose, creators will tell us tales about what sort of things this modern world, or this near-future-modern-world, has in it. These are questions that have many answers. Some of which are unsettling and surreal while some others are mundane. Other answers, still, might be more difficult to categorize.

These are not urban legends. These are not mythology. These are just stories about where we are in this moment in time.

BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS: VOLUME I (PURPOSE & CONSEQUENCE) will be available in the early months of 2018. We are currently accepting submissions for the next three loosely themed Volumes. Information regarding those Volumes and the submission process can be found here.

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