submission information

Submission inquiries can be emailed to cameron at animalcracker dot art or by filling out this form.

Each Volume will have approximately 6-8 entries. This will break down roughly into:

  • 4 – 5 prose stories (Max word count 2500 at six cents/word)
  • 2 – 3 comic stories (Max page count 6 – B/W or Color – at $55/page for art, $25/page for script)
  • 2 – 3 illustrations per prose story (at $40/illustration – B/W or Color)

Payment to be made to the contributors prior to the publication of their story.


Contributors give to ACDP Comics/Built From Human Parts:

  • First worldwide print and digital rights to the story for a calendar year from date of publication.
  • Non-exclusive worldwide print and digital reprint rights in perpetuity (Stories will remain available online indefinitely/books stories are printed in may remain available indefinitely).
  • All non-publishing licensing rights remain with the creators.
  • The right to use artwork and words from the story in order to promote the story and any collections the story is a part of.

All stories released on the internet will be available for thirty days locked on the ACDP Patreon page for Supporters to have early access to. In addition, each story will have a limited edition t-shirt featuring both art & words from the story available that will only be sold during the month the story is released (Contributors get a free shirt if they want, of course). All profit from Patreon and shirt sales goes entirely back into paying contributors for their work, releasing more stories, and other expenses relating to the Built From Human Parts project.

List of Planned Print Collections

Volume I: Purpose & Consequence (2018)

Prose Submissions: Closed
Comic Submissions: Closed
Illustration Submissions: Closed
Poetry Submissions: Closed

A collection of stories about people in search of answers. Some of these people are looking to find their purpose in life or confirmation that they have none. Some people are convinced that their answer can only come from someone else, someone that maybe they feel a connection towards or relate to. Someone that shares a past with them. Someone that wronged them. A very common question that no one ever finds a suitable answer to.

Volume II: Rituals & Devices (2019)


Prose Submissions: Open
Comic Submissions: Open
Illustration Submissions: Open
Poetry Submissions: Open

Our modern day to day life is dominated by a few defining things. These are the actions that we perform and the objects that we carry. Each day we get. We go through the motions of our morning rituals. Our nightly rituals. We keep specific objects on or near us for comfort or for convenience. Our bodies and minds keep these in our lives for many reasons. Perhaps we fear change. Perhaps we are superstitious. Maybe something from our earlier lives has secretly embedded something in us that keeps us tied to these objects and repeating these rituals. Do we even recognize these that we keep close to us? What parts of ourselves would we lose if we separate from them?

Volume III: Warriors & Wanderers (2020)

Prose Submissions: Open
Comic Submissions: Open
Illustration Submissions: Open
Poetry Submissions: Open

The inevitable search for purpose that every person finds themselves on is pursued in many different ways. A warrior isn’t strictly a fighter or someone who inflicts violence. A warrior is simply someone that takes it upon themselves to move their life forward, putting effort and action in to clear their own path in life. A warrior’s life is fast with many obstacles to overcome. Other people, however, are less inclined to be that bold. Whether due to fear of failure, a lack of direction to move in, or something else all together, others spend their life in a quieter state, wandering through life with little fanfare and without many people noticing.

Volume IV: Burdens & Grudges (2021)

Prose Submissions: Open
Comic Submissions: Open
Illustration Submissions: Open
Poetry Submissions: Open

People, places, and events leave imprints that are carried through out a person’s life. Often, however these imprints manifest in a person is kept hidden as best as it can be. Occasionally these can be dealt with or suppressed but the journey involved in properly handling the weights we are given is long and trying. Few succeed in this. Most people, at some point in their life, simply give in to the weight of their burdens and grudges and collapse.

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