Horror, Scifi, and Mystery storytelling in 2021

Apr 7, 2021 3 min read
Horror, Scifi, and Mystery storytelling in 2021

2021. Beyond.

Good evening. I am Cameron. I make comics and an anthology series and a bunch of other storytelling adventures.

I am here to talk about the anthology project, Built From Human Parts. I released a print book in 2018 with a dozen artists contributing. I have had the second print collection almost completed for over a year. The last few bits are finally in the process of being completed but instead of waiting for however long that will take I had decided to just start uploading the new stories to the built.fromhuman.parts website.

The last year has been pretty painful for me on a personal and creative level - Which I assume is a statement that could be easily applied to most people over this past year.

But I've got a host of new fiction stories for you. Some can be found in that first print book, some would have been in that second book (Might still be?), and some are completely brand new.

There is even a new FORMAT of story! I've been going through the sci-fi tale from book 1 by Paul Grimsley titled "Jumpcut Memory". I've been going through and making an interactive version of it - Where people, places, and concepts are clickable in-line links that transport you to a page with all of the instances of that term being mentioned in the text with links back to the portion of the story that term appears. Think a modern, digitized, William Burroughs cut-up style.

Recently, we've also uploaded a murder mystery in comic form from K Patrick Glover with art by Keith Perkins, the audio version of The Flick of the Wyvern's Tale that I recorded with some very wonderful former coworkers over 2 sessions at a conference room rental place, and a fairy tale-esque horror story about an alien fungus and the lonely scientist who discovers it.

In the coming months will be the remaining book 2 stories with ultra-super-brand-new stories in the later months of the year. For the "Interactive" category, I have more Segments of Jumpcut Memory to convert to this digital format and I will also have "Choose Your Own Adventure" and "Interactive Fiction" stories at some point.

The Time Investment is becoming something I can manage. The Monetary Investment is something I can maintain for a while more but it is less sustainable. Writers and Artists (That aren't me) are paid upfront based on word count or their own pay rate for commissions, etc. If you want to assist in the financial support of these various projects, you can.

Funds go towards paying recurring costs associated with web hosting, commissioning artists for stories/artwork, and physical print runs of comics, books, and other merchandise. Monetary support can be done through the main Built From Human Parts site, Patreon which will have everything that gets put up here along with other creative works done by Cameron Callahan. One time donations can be done via PayPal, CashApp, or Venmo.

Upcoming Stories

Mech Anise

Paul Grimsley with Art by Fawndolyn Valentine

Mech Anise is the brief story of a man with a mechanical flower - an Anise (An annual, aromatic Mediterranean herb in the parsley family, cultivated for its seedlike fruits and the oil obtained from them). It's activation lulls the surrounding people into a surreal, lucid dream-like experience.

The Murdering of Crows (Part 1)

Cameron Callahan with Art by Dylan Canfield

A family of journalists during their nightly broadcast. This night is a little different, though. The parents - Skip and Regina - are waiting for a call from their teenage son regarding the serial killer he has been tracking and, finally, encountered.

An Unexpected Box

K. Patrick Glover with Art by Seb Fowler

Peter awakes to find a Black Box in his kitchen. Electricity is behaving a little oddly. His ceilings used to be taller. His coworker takes one quick look at the Box and mutters, "It's obscene."

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