The Flick of the Wyvern's Tale

Apr 3, 2021 1 min read
The Flick of the Wyvern's Tale

Audio Version of Steve Toase's The Flick of the Wyvern's Tale.

acdp comics · The Flick Of The Wyvern's Tale - Natalie Culbreth

Story: Steve Toase
Narrator: Natalie Culbreth
Cover Art: William Cunningham
Audio Engineer and Dialogue Editor: Daniel Treharne
Producer, Music Editor, and Mastering Engineer: Cameron Callahan

Read the full text of the story below.

The Flick of the Wyvern’s Tale
“Then I don’t know what you’re complaining about. I transacted far over their value. Not enough to retire, but more than they were worth.”

Built From Human Parts: Volume I
BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS is an anthology magazine that explores various aspects of humanity through the lens of the modern or near modern world – stories firmly grounded in reality even if that…
This story was printed in the 2018 Built From Human Parts anthology book, available above.

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